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Anorexia Nervosa Help With NLP  & Hypnotherapy

If you would like some help to overcome anorexia nervosa and you can travel to Birmingham, then Master Practitioner of NLP and Eating Disorders Expert Debbie Williams may be able to help.

Debbie has helped many sufferers of anorexia nervosa to gain back control over their thoughts and to eat as a normal lean, healthy happy person does.

Call 0121 241 0728 or go online to book a session

For anorexia it is always recommended you work along side with your Dr on this complex issue. This is Debbie's standard reply for enquiries for anorexia nervosa.

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Thank you for your enquiry about help for anorexia nervosa

I have a CD online for Overcoming Anorexia which costs £19 as a download and may be the best place to start as it explains in more detail much of the work I do on a one to one. it's available from and I also have a free report on my website which may be of use if you have anorexia and bulimia.

Anorexia can be quite a complex issue to deal with, and needs the person to want to get better for it to succeed; sometimes it is much easier if the person has developed bulimia as they are able to absorb more nutrients from the extra food.

At my Birmingham practice I use a combination of NLP and Hypnotherapy to both teach the person to be able to get out of the automated loops of thinking and the hold that ‘Ana’ or 'ED' has on them and their rules and rituals, I have had a lot of success with this issue, but its not the easiest issue to deal with, as you are building up self esteem, teaching how to deal with the voice and reducing its control over you replacing it with a more healthy attitude and to repattern that response at a deeper level as well as overcoming any BDD issues. The goal is for the person to eat like a naturally lean, healthy, happy person does. This means freedom from obsessional behaviours around food.

At my Birmingham clinic I work with anorexics with the anorexia nervosa as it manifests in consciousness, rather than go on some misguided (in my opinion) search for ‘causes’ or ‘hidden meanings’, the work is generally quite fast, and the client often sees results within 2 or 3 sessions, sometimes even after just one, however it can take 10 sessions or more to change the pattern fully. These can be spread over 12 to 18 months.   In many ways I am almost the opposite of a counsellor or psychotherapist in this respect.

I charge £145 per hour, with the first session taking ideally being a double one at £297  ( to include any CDs) which gives me the opportunity to hear your details and to explain how NLP and Hypnosis will help to change the Anorexic response.  Payment is due at the end of each session, by cash (or cheque with a valid supporting guarantee card for the complete amount) or you can pay with your credit card online here in advance

I operate a 48-hour cancellation policy and my client hours are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

To book, email or call me on 0121 241 0728, please leave a message if I am with a client and I will get back to you.

Best Wishes,

Debbie Williams.

PS. I have a free recording 'stop worrying and create a wonderful life'' available from website which can help the anorexic and the carer to lift some of the stress related to this issue. You will also get my monthly life coaching email which if you come to see me as a client I get you to plan for each month ahead and chart progress as most people don't plan to fail, they fail to plan.
We need to have a strategy to learn to focus on what lean, healthy happy people do naturally as a way out of this disease. This is a resource you can use to help you.

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