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Debbie Williams Birmingham Belly dancer and BAMBA founder image in costume

Belly Dance Classes

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Birmingham Belly Dance Classes  

Belly dance class


Belly dance class

4 week Belly dance and weightloss 

Belly dance class 

Course Fees

5 weeks of belly dance lessons  costs £20 (early bird) or £24 (normal)
10 week belly dance term costs £38 (early bird) or £48 (normal)

Come and try a 4 week taster belly dance class for £20!

More info on belly dance classes or to book call 0121 241 0728 or email to
Frequently asked Questions
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Even more info about bellydancing in Birmingham at

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Birmingham Belly Dancing

Debbie is a founder of BAMBA , Birmingham and Midlands Bellydance Association the home of the original bellydancers of Birmingham where you will find other experienced teachers from Birmingham and the Midlands

Birmingham Belly Dance Workshops

Find details of belly dance workshops and Birminghams first Belly dance Festival held in the City centre at the dancexchange with international stars performing and teaching.

Debbie has danced for the Turkish Ambassador and Mohammed Al Fayed amongst others. She is also a fully qualified Hypnotherapist and licensed NLP trainer and has worked with Paul McKenna for 10 years. She also is a clinical consultant to Just Be Well practice Harley Street, London.

We learn using Accelerated Learning Techniques, incorporating at least 40 moves at the beginning of every class. You will pick up a handful of new movements very quickly, but we don’t expect students to learn and master all the moves immediately. Muscle memory takes time to develop, and it is important to lay down firm foundations when learning new movements.

We learn by repetition – and it’s just like learning to walk. Classes involve watching, practising and improving each week, whilst I repeat instructions on how to carry out the moves, explaining which muscle group or part of the body to focus on.

During the term we usually have one lesson on a simple choreography learned in one hour, plus Technique Classes designed to break down particular moves and make them easier, and a chance to master those moves which you may have found challenging. Each term we work on a new choreography. Moves are drawn from the first half of each lesson, including a few new moves, so that, each term, every year, there is progression within the class. I also teach you about rhythm, timing, and how to add drama to your dance. By the end of term, you will have learned enough to easily choreograph a dance routine for yourself.

Because there are all levels of students in my class, there is always someone who will inspire you. And you will soon notice that, because of individual body shape, each move can look slightly different on each of us. Some of us are more flexible in our hips, whilst others have more flexible upper bodies.

In the class there is the opportunity to get dressed up. You will see students in full dancing apparel, some in hip scarves, and others in loose, hippy-style skirts or jogging bottoms. However if you have decided to invest in some sparkly outfits, hip belts or scarves or maybe some music/DVDs - visit my Bellydance Shop.

We are booked to perform regularly, so there is always the chance to show off the moves you have mastered. Or, if you are just coming along for fun, we have plenty of that too! For more information see the Bellydance FAQs page - or go to Debbie's Bellydance Gallery to see more pictures.


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