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"Debbie is a skilled and effective NLP trainer and hypnotherapist with an amazing sense of humour and great compassion." Paul Mckenna


Frequently Asked Questions about the Birmingham weight loss course

Q. Will I be hypnotised on this weight loss course?
Q. Can I use this course with my regular slimming club?
A. Yes. We are changing your way of viewing food at an unconscious level. What you eat is up to you. This is something that no other club or organisation, other than Paul McKenna, does.
Q. I have a medical condition. Should I see my doctor before attending this course?
A. Yes, with any weight loss course it is recommended that you consult your doctor.
Q. I have no willpower! Will it work for me?
A. Yes. If you commit to the weight loss course you will find it a lot easier than anything you may have experienced before as Birminham hypnotherapist Debbie uses hypnosis and NLP to make it easy for you to succeed.
Q. What happens on the weight loss course and  Is this similar to Paul McKenna’s one?
A. Yes.but many of the elements differ,and the end result is the same. We re-pattern your thoughts and attitudes towards food so that you take control and make lifestyle changes which will be permanent to help you to lose weight and stay slim.
Weight loss hypnotherapy at home

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