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The science of weight loss

When hypnosis is used for weight loss instead of self-management, then weight loss increases over a three-month period. The discovery was made during a study of 45 women in 1989.

Since then hundreds of studies have confirmed hypnosis helps for lasting permenant weight loss.

Making a start on weight loss is all very well, but reaching your target and maintaining your ideal weight is much more difficult.

Weight loss study 

A study of more than 100 women aged between 17 and 67 found that, when half the group was subjected to hypnosis, they continued to hit their weight loss targets after two years.

Both the hypnosis group and the non-hypnosis group showed a significant weight change over the course of the study, but only those who utilised hypnosis continued to lose a significant amount of weight.

Hypnosis for weight loss more proof...

Another study highlights the massive difference that hypnosis can make. When 60 women took part in an experiment in 1986, researchers found that those who were hypnotised lost 17 pounds; the non-hypnosis group lost just half a pound!

If you’ve ever wondered why hypnosis works for weight loss, a paper published in the Australian Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis in 1995 has some answers.

Researchers concluded that hypnotherapy was effective because it challenged faulty beliefs about food, identified triggers to over-eating and binge eating, and helped control those triggers.

Hypnotherapy recordings for weight loss 

Hypnotherapy recordings have also been found to be a huge benefit to weight loss. A 1985 study found that people who are taught to use self-hypnosis through hypnotherapy recordings performed better and lost more weight than those who were not.

Weight loss and self esteem 

Finally, weight problems are often associated with low self-esteem. What a 1995 study published in the International Journal of Psychiatric Nursing Research found was that hypnosis is effective at tackling this particular root of the problem.

“The trouble with happiness is that people don’t practise it enough!”
Paul McKenna

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