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Rewriting  Negative Scripts With NLP Trainer's Help 


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Stop worrying
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Write out your negative thoughts, as they occur, on Post-It notes.

Writing down helps identify negative repetitive thought patterns and also enables you to disassociate and counsel yourself.

When you’ve gathered a few negative self talk thoughts then get a pen and some paper and ask these questions.

1. Is this negative thought true?
2. Is it helping me reach my outcome?
3. Is it trying to do something it believes is positive for me? perhaps protect you in some way or nourish or give you a reward.
4. Is there a better way that keeps any benefits that also will enable me to reach and maintain my health, wealth and happiness goals?

5. Ask your internal voice is it willing to have some fun, encourage you to find new ways to become healthier, happier, fitter too?

Watch Birmingham NLP Hypnotherapist Debbie Williams Videos to help deal and process those  negative thoughts.

It's said we have over sixty thousand thoughts per day ( or more) yet many of them are the same old same old, ones repeating over and over.

If those thoughts are negative in nature they can weigh a heavy burden on your shoulders.

Yet if you commit to capturing the most destructive ones and processing them through this exersise above you will find life will become easier and the mind will start to quieten down.

Listening to good hypnosis will also help lift worries and move you to a more resourseful place in life.

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Negative Thoughts

More help here with videos to stop negative thoughts.

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