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Help to Overcome Exam Nerves with Birmingham NLP and Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy and NLP to Pass Exams 

Stop Exam Nerves with NLP

Birmingham NLP practitioner Debbie Williams talks about how you can overcome and stop those exam nerves and programme your mind to get A * in exams.

If you'd like help from Debbie to ensure you get the results you've dreamt about contact her now to book a session

As you read more below you will realise Debbie is probably the most experienced person in Birmingham in helping with exam nerves and accelerated learning.


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Stop Exam Nerves Easily With NLP 

Mastermind to Stop Exam Nerves

You can overcome exam nerves with the help of a mastermind group who can help you remember more at the right time you need to as well as help you to find the motivation to study and to work smart not hard.

See the other videos on this page by Birmingham hypnotherapist and NLP trainer Debbie Williams who also has assisted Paul McKenna and Dr Richard Bandler since 1995 as well as studying all things related to accelerated learning and memory.

Debbie reads approx 100 plus books per year and produces NLP and hypnosis self help recordings

Prep To Overcome Nerves 

Stop Exam Nerves by Preparation

You can help overcome your exam nerves by being prepared and having a few good techniques up your sleeve.

When you know how to visualise and create for yourself a photographic memory then you will be able to recall the information easily in the exam. It can be just as if you were looking it up in a reference book in front of you.

Sign up now to the right and get the free hypnosis and NLP recording as it teaches you how to visualise and uses a quantum learning machine or contact us now for a one to one.

Memory and help with learning 

 Exam Nerves & Memory

Derren Brown shows you how you see things and don't even realise. Derren attended on the NLP practitioner many years ago, where Birmingham hypnotist Debbie Williams was one of the NLP Trainer's and assistant. She has helped on over 50 NLP practitioner, master practitioner and hypnosis courses.

She also assisted a few times on Paul Scheeles Quantum reading course for a colleaque who is a qualified instructor to teach those memory techniques. Paul McKenna featured the Quantum learning and speed reading courses on a TV programme in which he scored 70% in an exam on a subject he previously knew nothing about.

Those courses cost £3000 plus to go on. If you'd like Birmingham NLP trainer and hypnotist Debbie to help you (for much less than that) contact us now

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