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PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - Birmingham NLP Can Help

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to listen to Debbie Williams working with Birmingham soldier Craig on overcoming his PTSD after serving in Iraq

PTSD/ Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post traumatic stress disorder can happen to anyone, whether it happens after a car accident, a personal attack, serving abroad  in the armed forces in Iraq, Ireland or even getting PTSD after having a medical procedure. There are many triggers for PTSD.

Here, Birmingham NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist talks about ways to deal with post traumatic stress disorder by using NLP and hypnosis to turn off the TV in your mind.


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PTSD Birmingham West Midlands UK with Therapist  Debbie Williams

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Birmingham Hypnotherapist Debbie has over 30 self help hypnosis and NLP recordings which can help

OCD and PTSD Birmingham help

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Anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder

You can recover from PTSD 

PTSD panic help for stress

Birmingham Soldier PTSD

Birmingham soldier Craig Burgess talks about how the stressful and painful images which had haunted him for the last 10 years after he first served in Iraq, just dissolved and dissapeared very quickly within one session of NLP and hypnosis with Debbie.

Hear Birmingham based Craig say how he felt the weight coming of his shoulders and that he feels a lot, lot happier and how NLP changed how he felt towards the traumatic events in a real positive way.

PTSD Gone From Birmingham Soldier

Post traumatic stress disorder sufferer Birmingham soldier one week later. Craig talks about how relaxed he is now feeling and that he has had the best nights sleep in 10 years.

Birmingham soldier Craig Burgess''s PTSD has gone completely. He listens faithfully every night to the hypnosis recordings that Birmingham hypnotherapist Debbie Williams gave him.
Also his pent up anger has dissolved as well.

Second PTSD Session in Birmingham 

Listen to NLP trainer and hypnotherapist Debbie Williams full second session as she is working with Birmingham soldier Craig Burgess to help him overcome his PTSD.
This is the first half of the session as Debbie finds out about the positive changes which have occurred as well as aiming to put in plenty of information on what she did in the first session.
Just listening to the two recordings and watching the videos on this page may well help you to move forward with your PTSD symptoms.
The recording to the right has a hypnotic trance which if you listen to regularly can help. 
Plus lots of free help available on this website.

PTSD and Phantom limb pain

Many soldiers returning from war not only have to deal with post traumatic stress disorde , they may have lost limbs. Birmingham NLP practitioner Debbie talks about what you can do to help to diminish phantom limb pain.

Hypnosis can also help to relax tension in the body which will also help in reducing phantom limb pain.

Here's the link Debbie mentions in the phantom limb pain video

Studies on NLP for PTSD 

There are many studies showing the effectiveness of NLP in helping reduce or eliminate PTSD. 

Master Trainer Eric Robbie's student a Dr and psychiatrist, in fact the consultant (US attending) in charge of the unit used NLP in the late 80s to succesfully treat a number of patients who had been involved in the Zeebrugge ferry disaster.

NLP Trainers Bob Klaus and Christina Hall worked for the German goverment where you can find any amount of supportive evidence.

Watch NLP Trainer Steve Andreas working with a PTSD veteran

More post tramatic stress studies here listed on my blog  PTSD

And you can read even more about PTSD here

Free PTSD Hypnosis Trance Below 

Listen to Debbie working with Craig on his PTSD. If you have PTSD this trance may help you to release much of your stress.

Post Traumatic Stress Help In Birmingham

Please always check with your GP first to rule out any treatable causes to your PTSD. If you would like to book a session for help overcoming your PTSD with Debbie Williams at her Birmingham clinic call 0121 241 0728 office hours or email from here.

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Steve Tromans, Just Be Well Clinic, No.1 Harley Street, London

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Stress ans PTSD help in Birmingham with Debbie Williams

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