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How To Stop Picky, Fussy Eating Or Food Phobia Or Restricted Diet 

Food Phobia And Fussy Eaters 

Can Be Helped With NLP And Hypnosis 

Food Phobia's And Fussy Eaters 

First video covering food phobias and fussy eaters and how they can be helped with hypnosis and NLP  

 Thoughts about gagging on food are very  common Birmingham hypnotherapist and NLP life coach Debbie Williams talks about how your mind can hold you back from even trying new foods for fear of choking.


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Fussy Eating Food Phobias helped Birmingham West Midlands UK with Life coach  Debbie Williams

overcome a food phobia hypnotherapy for fussy eaters

confidence to add more food to a restricted diet

anxiety in eating new foods help to eat more now

Fussy Eating Self Hypnosis Recording 

          By Eating Disorders Expert 

Fussy Eating & Food Phobia 

Birmingham NLP life coach Debbie shows you things you can do with those thoughts about gagging on your food and help overcome your fears for trying new food. Helping you to overcome your restrictive eating.

Obsessive fears about foods and gagging can feel very distressing and alarming. 


 Help A Child With Fussy Eating 

Birmingham Hypnotherapy Can Help 

Food Phobia's, Restricted Diet in Kids 

Children can develop food phobias and have limited diet choices of food which they will eat.

Birmingham hypnotherapist Debbie Williams talks in the video of what you can do to help your child overcome their fears and add more variety to their restricted diet.

Watch the video and make a notes of the suggestions that Birmingham life coach talks about to help break the picky eating and help overcome any negative food fears your child may have.

The "Overcome food phobia" hypnosis recording will help you with more ideas on how to help your child too. 


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