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NLP In Birmingham With Neuro Linguistic Programme Trainer

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Birmingham NLP and

hypnosis recordings

 Have a session with Debbie at home with her self help recordings.

You can listen in the comfort of your own home and for a fraction of the cost of a personal session.

Click on the cover images below of her  self hypnosis recordings.

There are over 30 NLP/ hypnosis recordings to choose from in the shop. 


  Helping Paul at a NLP event in London

What can NLP do for me?

NLP is used in many areas including business, sports, health, personal development, resolving issues, phobias along with training and education.

Birmingham based NLP Trainer Debbie Williams is extremely experienced in using Neuro Linguistic Programming to coach clients to get the outcomes they want in the shortest of time possible.

She is the trainer that trains other NLP practitioners, master practitioners and would be trainers having assisted Dr Richard Bandler the co creator of NLP since 1995 on over 60 courses.

Debbie has honed her NLP skills over the years and has worked with many clients coming from Dr Bandler himself

NLP to resolve problems 

NLP can help individuals to overcome problems, challenges or to accelerate learning or improve performance.

NLP can help eliminate negative behaviours and thoughts and teach you to change your mental, emotional and physical states at any time replacing them with more empowering ones.

As well as removing limiting beliefs With Neuro Linguistic Programming you can learn to communicate more effectively

Access powerful internal resources when you want to achieve the results you want right now.

Learn from experts and model what they do so that you can create the life you want with financial freedom.

Hampton Manor with Paul McKenna before MInd Body Spirit event NEC


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Stop worrying
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Heading to the NLP Party

NLP for professional and personal development

NLP can bring out the best in you so you can be who you want to be, doing what you want to do, or having what you want to have, personally and professionally.

Most people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan spending more time planning a holiday than they do their life. If you want coaching from Birmingham trainer and life coach contact us now

Neuro Linguistic Programming for Business

Many organisations and consultants use a variety of NLP techniques to help businesses obtain great results and quickly:

It helps improve people management and motivational leadership, it is very effective dealing with conflict and finding solutions

It can be used to build rapport with employees, customers and suppliers creating better communication and stronger working relationships.

NLP in Birmingham

If you are a business owner and know you are capable of achieving much more but don’t know where to focus. Contact  Debbie and visit her Birmingham  NLP practice to get clarity on your vision.

Debbie can help you get back the motivation you had in the beginning as well as giving you the tools to learn from business giants like Richard Branson or Donald Trump.

Self Help Recordings 

To buy any of Debbie's recordings or to just find out some more information please visit the shop for over 30 titles to choose from or click on any image below.

Each CD is like having a complete NLP and hypnosis therapy session with Debbie in Birmingham for the fraction of the cost of a one to one.

NLP and hypnosis self help recordings and CD's start from only £15. Buy now with a full no quibble 60 day money back guarantee

Self help recordings to help you by Birmingham NLP hypnotherapist. Mouse on to a title to find out how NLP and hypnosis recordings can help you now

And please visit the shop for more titles - over 30 titles to choose from

If you have any issues with weight or food click here to download Debbie's free report ''The 7 mistakes Binge eaters make keeping them trapped forever'' filled with tips on how to reprogramme your mind to be Lean, Fit and Healthy'


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