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Birmingham & Midlands NLP & Hypnosis Practice Group

Birmingham and Midlands NLP
& Hypnosis Practice Day
Monthly Meetings
Held at Debbie Williams NLP & Hypnosis Clinic in Sutton Coldfield 
The main outcome for the NLP day is that people have fun, learn some new NLP and hypnosis skills and / or 
mastery of skills. 
NLP trainer Debbie Williams has assisted on over 60 NLP Trainings with Dr Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna  since 1996 as well as helping Tony Robbins for 10 years after the UPW event in 1993 in Birmingham.

 Birmingham NLP and Hypnosis Day 

Costs £99 but if you book before 31st Month you can enjoy the early bird offer of £69 payable transfer or if you want to pay on card via paypal
If you really want to come and this is out of your price range, please contact us and I'm sure we can work out a price for you. :)
Call 0121 241 0728 
If you would like to book on the Birmingham NLP day by transfer email us from here

Hypnotherapist from Manchester;

We have people who come from Leeds, Oxford, London as well as Birmingham who come to the NLP and hypnosis practice days
Here is a schedule from a past NLP Hypnosis Practice Day 
Birmingham NLP Outline For The Day
If you are newish to NLP and look at the exercises thinking;  What? Debbie will explain them in easy to understand terms.
Arrive 10am for 10.30am start 
NLP Exercise 1
Setting outcomes using NLP model 
NLP and Hypnosis Exercise 2
Language patterns for hypnosis and practicing them.
11.45- Break,refreshments provided
NLP Exercise 3
Submodalities exercise confusion into understanding (with a twist) 
1pm - 2pm Lunch (bring a pack lunch) 
There will be opportunity to ask questions and network
NLP Exercise 4
Fun exercise for listening skills 
NLP and Hypnosis Exercise 5
More language patterns 
3.15pm - Teas/coffee break 
Hypnosis Exercise 6
Hypnosis practice 
NLP Exercise 7
A simple way to remember the meta model. Then a review of the day and suggestions for next time. Possibly a short trance to finish 
4.30pm - finish

If you are interested in joining the Birmingham NLP and Hypnosis Practice group and would like to attend the next meeting please contact us or call 0121 241 0728 

CPD Certificates Can Be Given

CPD certificates can be issued if requred. Please let us know in advance.

What is NLP?

NLP stands for neuro linguistic programming. Your brain processes millions of bits of information every second. The information comes in via your senses through pictures, words, feelings, sounds, tastes and smells. 

Your brain processes this data through your filters and deletes, distorts and generalises the incoming information to help you so that you don't become overwhelmed.

NLP is like finding the owners manual for your mind

 The brain generalises, distorts and deletes Information

For example when coming to a door the mind already has a fair idea of how to open it as it has now stored this information over many years and generalises that all doors open only in certain ways.

It doesn't have to let your conscious mind know thereby deleting the information from your consciousness enabling you to carry on other tasks ( ie having a conversation) whilst encountering a door.

The only time you need to know is if all the usual ways of opening a door fail, then you become conscious of the fact and start to look for possible solutions.

We have sets of filters which we run our thoughts and beliefs through for example if growing up you were told this is the way to do a certain thing you may have accepted it without question.

Later on perhaps in a relationship you find you have differing ideas on how to discipline the children your early learning and beliefs may be being questioned as you realise not everyone thinks the same way you do.

The Neuro of NLP 

The neuro part of NLP relates to the nervous system and how we take in information

The Linguistic of NLP

The linguistic part of NLP refers to the language we use and the non -verbal way of communucating.

If we say to ourselves over and over 'I can't do this' we condition our mind to think it's impossible and sometimes we go out of our way to prove ourselves right.

The Programming part of NLP 

The programming part of NLP relates to a computer and if we take the example above of ''I cant...'' then its a bit like garbage in garbage out a faulty programme.

NLP for a Change

NLP or neuro linguistic programming allows us to change thoughts, feelings and behaviours and add new ones which will become just as systemic and regular as the old ones and much more enjoyable.

NLP is like finding the owners manual for the brain.

Practice Group In Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham

The NLP Practice is held in Debbie's Sutton Coldfield Clinic and also in the workshop area ajoining the rooms below. If it's a nice day then sometimes we practice in the garden including the Morrocan Bar or even over the bridges at the stream.

Hypnosis Language Patterns Workshops 

Debbie regularly runs hypnotic language patterns workshops. Click the link to find out more about these skill set days.

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