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How To Be Happy With Birmingham NLP And Hypnotherapy

How to be happy

What is happy or happiness?

Happiness is not a static state. Amongst other things happiness is moments during the day when you laugh, connect or have a feeling of gratitude for what you have.

Watch birmingham NLP life coach Debbie Williams shares ways you can capture happy moments and build on them.

Hear the story of the fork and of those stories you never forget, we'll actually you do unless you capture the memory in some way.

Keeping a happiness journal is one way to capture those moments.


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How to handle criticism

How to be happy video two

How to be happy is focusing on ways that make you feel happy. Finding amusement in everyday things is the art of a good comedian to look for the humour and point it out to us. Asking questions like;

  • What can I do today to have more fun ?
  • What would make me smile today?

Birmingham hypnotist Debbie Williams talks about how humour can dissolve huge problems and she talks about how one of her clients overcome the pain of a break up and an abusive partner by using cats backside. Curious? Watch the video.

 'Help me to be happy'

Finding Authentic Happiness

How to be happy video three

Learn to be happy requires attention to discovering what makes you happy.

Society is geared up to the negative, just watch the news its all bad. Hear birmingham life coach talk about how you can change your focus to become happier.

By engaging in Random acts of kindness leave you feeling better about yourself. It will build self esteem and help you to like who you are and to be happier in your own skin.

Also Birmingham life coach debbie williams (who is also a NLP Master Practitioner and hypnotherapist) talks about a champagne list to help you on your journey of how to be happy.

Being happy 

Learning to be happy

How to be happy with Birmingham NLP video 4

What I learnt from Paul McKenna about happiness. Helping Paul for many years now I've heard him say this often;

The trouble with happiness is people don't practice it enough. also having an attitude of gratitude keeps us in a place of connectedness to our blessings and it feels good.

Sometimes we forget that we are in the top 10% richest human beings on this planet. We have food, shelter and a society which supports us.

I changed from being suicidal

to being happy

How to be happy: My story

Watch Debbie talk about her journey to developing happiness from a suicide attempt in her earlier life to learning how to be happy and stay that way.

Birmingham life coach set a goal for herself many years ago to be happy. Even though her nick name was smiler, it hid a deep sadness and lack of self esteem.  Every time Debbie assisted Paul McKenna and Dr Richard Bandler on the NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner or the NLP Trainer Trainer she would measure "how happy am I now?" The answer went from "I'm happy 50%of the time"  all the way up to 97% of the time. Which doesn't mean that life is constant bliss, a better way of describing it is more calm and Peace and an ability to see what needs to be done when life throws up those challenges.

If you have negative thoughts, read more here and watch my videos to help you to overcome your negative thinking.

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