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NLP and Hypnosis for Healing ''and Spontaneous remissions''

Combining what she has learned from the medical side and from her own involvement in NLP, Debbie offers a series of tools which have been proven to allow people to ‘fast-track’ towards achieving their goals. She uses solution-focused techniques to help resolve their problems and lift stresses, helping people focus on what they want.

Healing with NLP and Hypnosis 

Debbie has her own experiences of spontaneous remission - where a person recovers either fully or temporarily from a condition in a manner that cannot be attributed to medical intervention alone - having seen her mother (pictured below) and grandfather recover from cancer.

Debbie said: “Mum went into hospital and the doctors didn’t expect her to survive. If she did, she would be severely brain damaged.
“Because it was my mum, it was difficult to do proper hypnosis on her, but I kept talking to her while she was in a coma, and telling her that if it was her time to come back to us, she could come back and get well, or if it was her time to leave us she could die peacefully and comfortably because we would always be together.

“She hadn’t been coping for some time so while she was in hospital I had repainted her kitchen and bathroom. It gave me something to tell her about that she could look forward to. I told her she could go home or come and live with us. I took some before and after photographs of the bathroom, and when I had them developed, there was an image on a mirror in the ‘after’ photos that looks like the Christian symbol of the fish [see picture, below]. It gave me hope, because the mirror came from a room where my granddad used to stay when he came over from Ireland, and where my dad spent his last days.

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Mind over matter ?

“Granddad was riddled with cancer. At the hospital they examined him but couldn’t do anything, but they sent him home telling him they had done what they could for him. These were the days when patients were never told the worst case scenario, but the doctors did tell my uncle that Granddad didn’t have very long to live.

“When Granddad went back four months later, all the tumours had shrunk. The doctors had told him they had done their job, so the idea was in Granddad’s head that the cancer was retreating – and his body agreed. He lived for another seven years, and died of a stroke, completely unrelated to the cancer.

“Mum recovered too, and lived with us for several years. She died recently.”

Hypnotherapy helped with healing Ann-Alicia

Debbie also cites spontaneous remission in the case of friend Ann-Alicia, who at just 26 years old developed a rare condition that causes the immune system to attack itself.

Debbie said: “It started with a viral infection that Ann couldn’t shake off, and it took two years before she was finally diagnosed with mixed connective tissue disorder. Her muscles would seize up without warning, and she could not resist infection. Doctors were unable to offer Ann much hope. They gave her series of drugs, including steroids, but other than that they could only promise to make her more comfortable if her condition got worse.

“The turning point came for Ann when she discovered a doctor called Dr Joel Fuhrman, who said he could help her. Dr Fuhrman’s technique would involve controlled fasting, helping the body reach a point at which it could clear out what was no longer needed – including the disease. The only problem was that it would take several visits – and Dr Fuhrman was based in America.

“I was among the group of Ann’s friends who set about raising the money she needed to fund the treatments and trips to New Jersey. When the money was there, Ann flew out to see Dr Fuhrman with the idea of spontaneous remission firmly in her mind. She went from being able to go out one day a week and spending maybe two or three days in bed, to being able to go out three days a week and being in bed just one day a week.

“She isn’t cured, but it has changed her life enormously.”

Healing hypnosis more stories 

In another case, Debbie said that Hazel Dean, a woman who had used her spontaneous remission CD, then sent it to America to help a friend whose brother was dying.

Debbie recalled: "When Hazel's friend had to rush off to America to be with her dying brother, Hazel felt totally useless. Apart from offering her love and support there was nothing she could think of doing to help. But when Hazel's friend called from America, telling her that her brother was in a deep coma and that doctors wanted to switch off his life-support, she knew she had to do something.
"She had already been on an NLP and hypnotherapy course and taken away my CD, Spontaneous remission from any dis-ease. It had helped her a lot, so she sent it to her friend who managed to persuade the doctors to let her play it to her brother while she sat at his bedside. The doctors also delayed removing life-support.

"What happened next was a miracle. Hazel's friend's brother, a man who had been in the most horrific car crash,with crushed legs, and who had been pronounced too ill to survive, woke up after 55 days. Not only that, but, to the doctors' total amazement he spoke a few words - something they thought would not happen.

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