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Help To Stop Panic Attacks

''Stop Panic Attacks'' is a set of self hypnosis and NLP recordings by Birmingham based hypnotherapist and NLP trainer Debbie Williams.

This self help hypnosis and NLP recordings are designed to help you to help yourself overcome panic attacks and anxiety for good.

Listen to the 5 tracks on stop panic attacks recordings often and ideally the hypnosis trance track every night before sleep.

Whats on  Stop Panic Attacks Self Hypnosis Recording?

Stop Panic Attacks Video 1

Stop Panic Attacks Track 1

Introduction to NLP & hypnosis and how it can help you to stop panic and to understand by taking simple steps and changing the way you run your mind can help you to stop panic using a range of NLP and hypnotic techniques to help reduce the anxious and panic response.

If you really suffer with panic and anxiety, have a look at the bundle of self help hypnosis products which will give you the tools to master your thoughts and defeat panic for good.

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Stop Panic Attacks Video 2 

Stop Panic Attacks Track 2

On this track from stop panic attacks there is a small amount of preparation for the NLP exercise to reduce panic and anxiety on the next track.

The preparation is needed to ensure success in reducing panic with the NLP on track 3.

It's a bit like the warm up at the gym, but unlike the gym, once you've done this preparation track from stop panic attacks and have your notes of resources Debbie Williams will guide you through this, then you can skip this stop panic track 2 altogether. 

Stop Panic Attacks Video 3 

Stop Panic Attacks Track 3

 A very powerful NLP exercise to dissolve many of the emotions related to panic and anxiety and to re-train you mind to be calmer in situations.

It will help to shrink down those feelings that used to make you anxious and panic.

The more you do this simple but powerful NLP exercise developed by Birmingham hypnotherapist and NLP trainer the quicker you will eliminate panic from your life for good.

Stop Panic Attacks Video 4

Stop Panic Attacks Track 4

Here is a countdown you can use if you are in a state of panic to bring you out of it quickly.

This stop panic track has been used successfully by many exactly when needed.

Clients report listening to it on their portable CD player, ipod, mp3 player or iphone when they are in a state of panic and it counts them down out of panic and anxiety and into calmness.

Stop Panic Attacks Video 5

Stop Panic Attacks Track 5

 The full length stop panic hypnotherapy  track.

You don't have to do anything apart from make time to learn to relax.

By just listening ideally everyday to this stop panic trance will calm things down.

Give yourself space to switch off the phone, ask not to be disturbed and Birmingham hypnotherapist's voice will take you into gentle relaxation with the most effective hypnotic suggestions on how to relax and be calm in situations that used to bother and panic you, learn to trust yourself more experiencing more and more calmness in your life. 

The more you listen the more positive and calm you will feel spreading to all areas of your life.

Is is generally best to play the stop panic attacks hypnosis recordings by Birmingham hypnotherapist at a time when you are least likely to be disturbed, and it is best not to play them soon after eating so that your body can more easily experience the benefits of relaxation. 

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