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Testimonials For Birmingham Cocaine Addiction; Hear Real People Tell Their Story

Cocaine Testimonials 

I paid for the two hour session and planned to go out and get some cocaine. But the help you put inside my head stopped me. I've ran around the block, which I havent done since school.

We have stayed in touch. Still clean 4 years on. Bought his own house with monies saved not abusing coke.

This client wasnt ready to stop as the first time he came more to please his partner, rather than for himself. 
He has stayed clean and is enjoying family life.
I feel better in the morning and I pulled the night before. My confidence is back. Cocaine took it away. Friends were shocked that I was saying no when they offered it.

I feel 100% better and feel more confident. Been out with others who do it and I didnt want any at all. 

Gavin got the giggles in this video. The thoughts and cravings have subsided and I never want to take it.
Third session. Everything has changed for the better. Learned how to deal with my personal life. You gave me strategies to deal with everything.
No cocaine for three months now. Saved a lot of money. Target to set goals rather than getting wasted at the weekend.

Third session and I no longer have any self hatred anymore. I look younger and I'm not sniffing all the time.

In a way better place now as I no longer think about it. Planning is making it work for me. 4 weeks later she didnt need a session as she had stopped completely.

2 years on and I've never touched it since. All my friends were on the charlie on holiday and I didnt want it.

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Debbie Williams has a specialised website dedicated to cocaine addiction. If you click the picture below it will take you there. Or call us 0121 241 0728

Treatment For A Cocaine Habit In Birmingham

Anyone can give a written testimony, you could even make them up. Watching real people on video telling their own stories of how Birmingham Cocaine Addiction Help Centre helped them to be free of their cocaine habit using Debbie Williams unique protocol of blending NLP and Hypnotherapy to set them free.

When You Are Ready To Stop Please Contact Us

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Take some time and watch the cocaine addiction treatment video testimonials. It will give you a feel that we walk our talk and can help you. 

What Does Treatment For Cocaine Addiction Cost ?

We always recommend a double breakthrough session for treatment of cocaine addiction. It costs £297 and is two hours. within the sesion we measure how big a problem cocaine and the cravings are out of a 100. By the end of the session it will be reduced to below 20 and you will have new strategies to deal with cravings.

You can pay by credit card if you wish.

We will record a short hypnosis trance on your phone specific to your issues for you to re-enforce the session and to keep your motivation high to succeed.

2nd session will be a week to ten days after and will cost £149 and third session 3-4 weeks after that will also be £149. we get an 80% succes rate for those who attend all the sessions. Some need 1-2 more sessions and with this we get an even higher success rate.

What Is Cocaine ?

Cocaine is derived from the leaves of the South American coca plant. It goes through a lot of processing with toxic chemicals to get to the white powder which is sold .

Book a NLP session with Debbie Williams Master practitioner hypnotherapist

Am I addicted as I only have it on the weekend?  Here Debbie explain the nature of your cocaine habit. If you can't stop on your own, then coke is controlling you. 

Within the first 48 hours I felt I was coming out of my shell. I've had a haircut and shave and have felt confident getting back into family life. Third session and I'm sorted.

15 year habit and its been a big difference from the start of our sessions. I thought I'd have to sit in a room with a load of down and outs and I heard about this option. My sales went up 10 fold.

We de-linked cocaine from drink and I can go out and enjoy myself.

The changes are almost undescribable from unbearable anxiety and cravings to turning around really fast. I'm a magnet for money as more oppertunities are coming my way. 

I looked at other therapists and your website and case studies gave me a lot of confidence in you.

My thoughts about you is you are a very ethical therapist.

First session the problem felt 95% and it's dropped down to 10% 

Third session. Brilliant. I'm clean and have had a fantastic Christmas. I can taste my food and I've toned down my drinking. I feel a million times better.

The second session. When the urges come I think of how will I feel later, tomorrow and I will need more and lie again. My mum and dad will know. It's not worth it.

Debbie talking about what she does using NLP and hypnosis to break the cocaine trance. Finding 100's of ways to get a greater buzz than coke ever could give you.

Will hypnotheray work for me to stop my cocaine addiction.

Debbie is a clinical consultant to Just Be Well practice Harley Street, London. Debbie brings a wealth of skills to accelerate learning and increase confidence in her students and more importantly fun whilst learning.

Debbie's qualifications include Master Practitioner, Practitioner and Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosis, Foundation Diploma in Psychotherapy, Hypnosis & NLP, Diploma in Nutrition, and Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology. She is also trained in counselling and psychological approaches to pain control, understanding depression, solution-focused therapy, life coaching and understanding and stopping addictive behaviour.

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