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Testimonials for Healing

Patrick Stockhausen testimonial for healing his thyroid. Patrick has presented for the BBC and is also a licensed NLP Trainer

Birmingham life coach Debbie Williams own testimony for healing and spontaneous remissions in her family

Rosies video testimonial for spontaneous remission healing hypnosis recording part one

Rosie Plunket Testimonial part 2

PTSD sufferer  Craig Burgess from Birmingham talks about how Debbie’s healing therapy helped him to dissolve the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder completely in one session with Debbie at her Birmingham NLP and hypnotherapy clinic. see also the follow up one week later.
part one.

Birmingham Soldier part 2 Craig one week on after treatment for his post traumatic stress which he had suffered from over 10 years its now gone watch and hear in Craig's own words what has changed for him part 2

Debbie has recently been in these publications:

"I felt like I couldn't go on anymore, my life was a complete mess. I was struggling daily with a life-threatening illness and stressed out with fear. I was too scared to go to sleep at night. It was an endless circle of pain, fear and exhaustion. Then I found Debbie; her gentle voice and inspirational words helped me through my nights and guided me through my days. That was six years ago, and I know I wouldn't be here now if it weren't for her!
"Now I won't close my eyes until I have listened to one of Debbie's CDs. I just wish everyone could hear Debbie's wonderful words, then they too would be on the road to healing."
Anna De Lacy

"Thank God I found you. I was at my wit's end trying to cope with my daughter's depression following her divorce. Nothing I said or did helped, until a friend recommended you. My daughter has undergone an incredible change, from a sad young woman who had given up on life to one who is happy, bright and living life to the full. Thank you Debbie for giving me my daughter back."  Janet Eagan

"I was on the point of losing everything, including my wife and my kids! My anger was off the scale and I knew if I couldn't find a way to take control my life would be over.
"I went to see Debbie Williams and she helped me to understand what was happening. Even after the first session I felt different; even my wife noticed. I was amazed at the changes Debbie brought about in me. I felt myself taking more and more control over my emotions and I learnt new techniques to manage areas in my life I found hard.
"When my worry surfaced about my anger returning to ruin everything again, Debbie gave me the confidence and the tools to know it never had to. I owe Debbie so much, for saving my marriage, letting me get close to my kids for the first time, and above all giving me back my life.

"Thank you Debbie."  Alan Wentworth

"I have looked at many ways to bring about my healing. So often I have tried something new and failed to get results.
"Thank goodness I did not stop looking, for Spontaneous Remission, by Debbie Williams, is remarkable. Listening to the CD has given me the trust in knowing I can heal completely.
"Going to sleep each night listening to the sound of Debbie's voice, combined with beautiful music, is something I intend to do for the rest of my life.
"Under Debbie's guidance I have at last connected to the true source of all healing - myself!
"Thank you Debbie for giving all who seek the answer to health such a priceless gift of hope."

"My husband has been suffering from an extremely debilitating illness for thirty years. The medical profession after making an incorrect diagnosis, have put him on medication which was inappropriate and extremely harmful.
"You have made so much difference to him, mentally he is stronger and gradually the ill effects of his illness are reducing. He can do much more now, thanks to Debbie. She is incredibly talented and intuitive, using nlp and hypnosis and her amazing intuition to know exactly how and when to help to get the very best results." 

"My daughter, after breaking three vertebrae in her back, and recovering well enough to run again - had lost her confidence in her ability to run at speed. Debbie dramatically changed her approach and she has made a major breakthrough in achieving her goal." J.H.

"After joining one of your brilliant nlp courses, I was a guinea pig for a demonstration and I asked for help to loose weight. The demonstration lasted no more than ten minutes, but the difference was tremendous.
"I no longer have the craving for cakes, choclates, and buscuits. I can enjoy them but do not need to eat a whole packet. I have already lost six pounds in the first week, not by dieting, (I know that diets do not work for me), but now I eat what I want. Now I am only eating what I need and am able to stop when I have eaten sufficient, and feel comfortably full.
"Thank you so much Debbie for changing how I feel about food it had become a real problem to me." 

Thank you very much for help. The relaxation recording is wonderful, I had my first good nights sleep in a long time. Thank you again for your help, I cant express how much it means to me. With best wishes, Ann


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Debbie is a clinical consultant to Just Be Well practice Harley Street, London. Debbie brings a wealth of skills to accelerate learning and increase confidence in her students and more importantly fun whilst learning.

Debbie's qualifications include Master Practitioner, Practitioner and Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosis, Foundation Diploma in Psychotherapy, Hypnosis & NLP, Diploma in Nutrition, and Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology. She is also trained in counselling and psychological approaches to pain control, understanding depression, solution-focused therapy, life coaching and understanding and stopping addictive behaviour.

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