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 Testimonials for Weight Loss & Birmingham Hypnotherapy

'I lost 5 1/2 stone
with Birmingham NLP'
Many weight problems are related to thyroid issues. You may find this video interesting.

Patrick Stockhausen testimonial for healing his thyroid. Patrick has presented for the BBC and is also a licensed NLP Trainer

Weight loss Birmingham

If you want help to lose weight in Birmingham with the help of hypnosis and NLP then you have several choices.

Weight loss hypnosis recordings 

You can click on any of the images or the tab at the top 'hypnosis recordings' to read more about what is available.

From weight loss made easy, to :

Stop overeating

Lean for life

Stop binge eating 

Beat bulimia

Exercise and enjoy it

and many more...

Hypnosis for weight loss

one to one private session

If you can come to Birmingham, then why not book some sessions with Debbie at her Birmingham NLP and hypnotherapy clinic.

It's expensive, but as everything in life you get what you pay for. 

Birmingham based Debbie is the only Birmingham based NLP hypnotherapist that Paul McKenna has sent clients to. 

Since 1995, Debbie has worked with athletes and top sports people as well as celebreties and a few of Pauls friends to help them with all sorts of issues.

Debbie also runs a skills station for Paul on his easy weight loss courses many times over the years.

She has also worked with the few who have been on Pauls weight loss courses and whom haven't had the success they wanted.

And for this experience as gained unique insights into what works.

Paul McKennas courses have been tested and have a 70% success rate compared to those weight loss clubs out there which only succeed 10% for long term weight loss.

Click on the banner want to book a session with Debbie and get your weight loss slot booked.

Weight loss courses Birmingham 

Please contact us if you would like to go onto the list for the next weight loss course in Birmingham

Debbie has recently been in these publications:

Hypnosis for weight loss

I still listen to your recordings and the weight is still dropping of, its not dieting and I feel great

Shirley from Birmingham

Lean for Life Course On Offer Find Out More 

Hypnosis Weight Loss Birmingham

I have dropped from a size 18 to a 14 yet I still go out and enjoy myself, in fact even more than I did before as I plan what treat I'm going to have and the rest of the time I eat sensibly with lots of healthy foods knowing I have an event to go to and be naughtier with what I eat. I can do this for life as its no hardship at all. Thank you Debbie for showing me a new path after years of yo yo dieting. Jo from Birmingham

Birmingham Weight Loss Courses You Can Book Now 

Weight loss sutton Coldfield

I was unsure if NLP would work but going along to one of Debbie's workshops at Sutton coldfield Town Hall convinced me of it's worth. In just one short exercise my obsession with chocolate disappeared. It became something I just didn't want to have anything to do with anymore. A result indeed.  Helen Brown.

NLP weight loss course Birmingham

"After joining one of your brilliant NLP courses, I was a guinea pig for a demonstration and I asked for help to loose weight. The demonstration lasted no more than ten minutes, but the difference was tremendous.
"I no longer have the craving for cakes, choclates, and buscuits. I can enjoy them but do not need to eat a whole packet. I have already lost six pounds in the first week, not by dieting, (I know that diets do not work for me), but now I eat what I want. Now I am only eating what I need and am able to stop when I have eaten sufficient, and feel comfortably full.
"Thank you so much Debbie for changing how I feel about food it had become a real problem to me." 

overeating testimonial for Birmingham life coach NLP

''If ever I need to lose weight for a show I listen to the Stop Overeating recording and my hunger disappears"

Fereshteh Hosseini,
Professional Dancer.

Weight loss testimonial for Birmingham NLP hypnotherapist Thank you Debbie.

I was able to get below 10 stone with your help. Something I didn't believe was possible.

Only trouble is none of my clothes fit anymore.

But that is a great problem to have. Wendy T.

Binge eating help from Birmingham hypnotherapy

I was at the end of my tether – and desperately wanted to change – what Debbie said made sense, this first week I cut my binging down from 5 times a day to just twice in one week and I realized when I did have a full blown binge – it really wasn’t worth it. With listening to the CD’s (everyday) I’m learning new strategies to stop my bulimia, and I actually believe I can do it. Sally

Binge eating hypnosis recordings testimonials

I've eaten half of what I would of done normally I'm amazed it wasn't difficult either. Jane

Hypnosis and NLP CDs

I've only used two of the many strategies on the CDs and they have worked they really have. I have hope now I know it will take time but as Debbie says Just like learning anything new you have to practice it to get good at it and the things she teaches are simple but very very powerful Thank you so much. JD

Birmingham Hypnotherapy is helping

Your voice is gentle and calming and each time I listen I go deeper sometimes I completely drift of somewhere only waking up when you count me back up. I like the way you play with words and each time I listen to the trance track I hear different things. I feel calmer and I feel like I'm leaving the binging behind me and just getting on with living my life. Thank you, Michelle.

Birmingham hypnosis is working

Hi Debbie,
Hope you are ok, just e-mailing to let you know I would like to cancel my appointment with you on Wednesday 30 June.
I have continued to use the CD and using the new resources you gave me I feel much more confident and less anxious in situations which made me feel uncomfortable and lead to a overeating episode before.
I would just like to say a big thank you for helping me to stop eating my way through upsets and my other issues.

Kind regards, Joanne



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Birmingham NLP hypnosis for weight loss with Debbie Williams

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Testimonials for NLP from chocolate addicts

"I bought your Chocolate addiction CD about 3 weeks ago and it is AMAZING! I have been eating chocolate since I was a small child and I hit 25 and I was eating more and more every day. My boyfriend hated it, I would rather eat a chocolate bar then my dinner, I would get snappy if I hadn't had any for a few hours. The day I bought your CD, I hadn't had chocolate for 2 days and it was all I could think about, so on my lunch break i went to the shop and bought 2 chocolate bars and consumed them both in no more than 3 minutes. I was so disappointed in myself that I didn't have the willpower to not give into my cravings. So back in work I googled how to stop chocolate addiction and I came across the website and I bought it. Like I said, it has been 3 weeks now and I have not touched any chocolate, I even got my boyfriend to eat the chocolate off of the top of my ice cream the other day. I feel so much happier and a lot more in control of not only chocolate cravings but other cravings too.Thank you for your CD it was the best thing I have ever bought and I am now looking into purchasing your stop worrying one." Forever grateful, Holly

Birmingham Hypnosis and NLP helped

I have not touched any chocolate at all even the thought of it I think 'No thank you' I've only listened to the download once and it's worked. Marie

Stopped overeating chocolate

I can't believe it its been 3 weeks now and I've just not wanted any at all even when I was due on my period I didn't have any I'm amazed WOW You are amazing. Coleen

Birmingham Hypnosis positive changes

After one meal (a lot smaller than normal) I wanted some chocolate & thought 'I'll have it later' & then completely forgot about it! Claire

Birmingham NLP CD stops a chocoholic

I had been eating a bar, or more, of chocolate almost every day, eating it as fast as possible as I felt i shouldn't be eating it, since listening to Debbie's stop binge eating CD I realized I could have chocolate - but I would have 1 bar a week - cut it into 7 pieces & have just 1 piece a day, cutting that piece up into 4 pieces! Sal B.

Debbie’s weight loss hypnosis recordings help you to desire more healthier foods and enjoy them.

Hi Debbie, I'm not binging any more, Listening to you CD has really helped everything you say makes perfect sense, I feel so hopeful now instead of desperate I feel I know you and you know me even though we haven't met . Your voice is very reassuring to listen to and I often drift of into a really good nights sleep and wake up refreshed and positive. Sam.

 Binge eating stopped with NLP 

It really worked, I've had loads of treatment and not felt anywhere near as good as just listening to your recording , loved the EBook by the way it felt like you really know what you are talking about. I wish I'd found you years ago. Ceri
Debbie just a short note to say I listened to the track where I could have a virtual binge and it worked, I didn't binge afterwards I couldn't I felt so full! Katy
Thank you Debbie I'm not as obsessed as I was and I feel calmer with my eating. I've got a few of your CDs now and they are all excellent, they seem to help in all areas of my life.
B Kaur.

Bulimia helped with NLP & hypnosis

Hi Debbie, I think I've been a bit depressed about my eating disorder but listening to the download I feel lighter and I've had days where I didn't make myself sick. Thanks for your help so far. Kind regards, Kerry.

Birmingham NLP & Hypnosis is working ...

Hi Debbie, I had an appointment booked with you a couple of Friday's ago. My initial appointment really helped, I've been doing really well and listening to the cd's. I look forward to seeing you soon. Lisa.

Losing weight with Birmingham hypnosis 

Debbie, Hope you are ok, just e-mailing to let you know I have used your CD and I feel much less anxious and I've actually lost 2lb in weight through following the advice you give.I would just like to say a big thank you for helping me to overcome my bulimia. Kind regards, Abby.

Stopped smoking stay slim

I’ve listened to both CD’s once before trancing out on the settee! Stop smoking is packed full of so much good stuff, love the healthy foods info, love the biological facts, love the connection between heath and wealth – lots of really very inspiring language patterns – only my first listen so will listen again tonight – Love it! TM

Birmingham Hypnosis is giving me peace

CD Excellent. In the past I’ve weighed myself and because I’ve put on a 1lb I would have binged, but I stopped myself and thought, no today I can make a difference – and I redid a plan to eat like a light healthy person does and had a good day.  I’m letting go of2-3lbs a week but its not dieting, it’s learning to enjoy my food and be at peace with it.
Jayne T

Stopped binge eating with NLP 

End of my tether – and desperately wanted to change – what Debbie said made sense, this first week I cut my binging down from 5 times a day to just twice in one week and I realized when I did have a full blown binge – it really wasn’t worth it. With listening to the CD’s (everyday) I’m learning new strategies to stop my bulimia, and I actually believe I can do it. Sally.

Weight loss hypnotherapy at home; Birmingham slimming expert NLP master practitioner hypnotherapist

To buy any of Birmingham Life Coach and slimming expert acclaimed CDs and weight loss hypnosis recordings or to just find out some more information click on any image.

Each self hypnosis recording for weight loss and slimming is like having a complete hypnotherapy session with Debbie at her clinic in Sutton Coldfield Birmingham for the fraction of the cost of a one to one.

Weight loss NLP and hypnosis recordings start from only £15. Buy now with a full no quibble 60 day money back guarantee

weight loss made easy with Birmingham hypnotherapy and NLP

Birmingham hypnosis weight loss hypnotherapy for chocolate addiction

Stop overeating help in Birmingham with hypnosis and NLP

Binge eating help to stop Birmingham hypnotherapy NLP master practitioner

How to be lean help Birmingham hypnosis

Bulimia help with NLP hypnosis Birmingham

Stop smoking and stay slim Birmingham NLP hypnosis

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