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How To Stop Negative Thoughts With NLP & Hypnotherapy

Negative Thoughts Video 1

First video covering negative thoughts and obsessive thoughts  and distressing thoughts

OCD thoughts about harming someone you love is quite common Birmingham hypnotherapist and NLP life coach Debbie Williams talks about how your mind can come up with negative and horrible thoughts which feel awful to the thinker
It's said we have over 60,000 thoughts a day, mostly the same ones and mostly negative.


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Negative Thoughts Video 2

Stop paranoia, OCD & negative thoughts

Here NLP life coach Debbie teaches you things you can do with those obtrusive negative thoughts to curb them ruling your mind. Obsessive thoughts and negative thoughts  can feel very distressing and alarming. Debbie talks about what they really are and their underlying positive intention here is also the link to the free worksheet questions she mentions in the video.

Negative Thoughts Video 3

Can't sleep for negative thinking?

Negative obsessional thinking which keeps you awake at night can be changed with some focused effort.
Watch the video and make a note of the questions Birmingham life coach talks about to ask to break the negative obsessional thinking pattern.

You can answer the questions in the exercise below to help process those thoughts and worries.

Negative Thoughts Video 4

Help for a suicidal friend 4th video in the negative thoughts video series.

Help for a friend who may want to end it all. If they are thinking negatively and you are worried about them then the 3 tips on this video may help you to help them.

How To Stop The Negative Thoughts Exercise

Does your negative thinking keep you awake at night, Are you worrying?

Do you seem to worry most of the day, find it difficult to sleep?

Does your mind insist on going over the same problems time and time again?

Then process those negative thoughts with this exercise …

  1. Agree with yourself to set aside half an hour each day to use for negative thinking time. Select a time when you will not be disturbed or feel under pressure from something you are due to do soon.
  2. Write out everything that bothers you. Write until no more worries pop up.
  3. Read through your list – do any solutions or answers jump out at you? Write them down now.
  4. Ask – ‘What can I do to make a difference?’
  5. Ask – ‘What is the first thing I could do?’

‘What is the second thing I could do? ‘What is the third thing I could do?' ect ect...

Go through the entire list this way. Any thoughts that seem to have no answers or solutions, agree to leave until tomorrow’s session.

Before you end your negative thinking time, ask your unconscious mind to work on your problems for you as you sleep comfortably and restfully tonight.

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