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 Your Free Hypnosis Script From Birmingham Hypnotherapist

Free hypnosis help to make your own self hypnosis recording.

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If you've ever wanted to record your own hypnosis recording with your own suggestions on, then you will find this hypnosis script overview by Birmingham hypnotherapist Debbie Williams invaluable to help you to achieve that.

How to design your own hypnosis

Here are a few guidelines to help create your own simple hypnosis script.
First of all at the end of each sentence or phrase add a downwards inflection as it creates certainty and gives the direction you want to go.
Watch the free hypnosis video for more information on the importance of this to help you to go into hypnosis.

More hypnosis guidelines

Ask nicely - speak softly and begin to slow down your speech - using pauses - pacing their breathing.

Ask them to get comfortable, with their feet flat on the floor,.

Invite them to close their eyes,

take        a nice deep breath in ..................

and         hold .................. release ..................

to take a 2nd... and 3rd breath  ..................

Continue this way saying:   Relax on the in breath and...

                                           Calm on the out breath:

Ask them to recall a special, relaxing place or memory - something positive. Suggest a holiday, walking in nature or somewhere pleasant.

Allow them to See.


               and Feel this place.

As you're there my voice can blend into the background, as you let your mind drift and wander, .................. floating,.................. drifting.

You may like to think the word "relax" as you breathe in and "calm" as you breath out.

While I count backwards from 10 to 1, on each count you can go deeper

eg   10  Relax

         9  Deeper

         8  Deeper still

         7  ..................

         6  ..................

         5  ..................

         4  ..................

         3  ..................

         2  ..................

         1  ..................

Your suggestions go here.

In a moment I am going to count back from 5 to 1 and you can come back into the room everything working perfectly

5. Refreshed

4. it's time

3. free your mind and getting ready

2. return feeling

1. wonderful


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This is the basic hypnosis script

You can add your own unique personal suggestions after the first countdown section of 10 to 1 and before the outro count out.

The spaces after the numbers allows you to put your own short phrases and words to help you relax more into hypnosis. Like anything the more you practice the easier it will be to go deeper into hypnosis. See my guidelines for setting a positive goal to help you with your own middle script also other pages with more complex hypnotic language patterns.

What are the Benefits of Hypnosis

Some of the benefits of hypnosis includes releasing stress. Hypnosis elicits the relaxation response, slowing down the heart rate, lowering blood pressure immediately, over time it can harmonise the function of the involuntary nervous system.

Good hypnosis can help many kinds of illnesses that have stress associated with it from anxiety to IBS,and many many others.
Hypnosis can alter emotional states as it works with the breath, having a calming effect in slowing the breathing naturally turning down stress. Hypnosis, especially when used with NLP can help with releasing and letting go of unpleasant memories as well as rehearsing what you want to have happen.You do have take action to support your goals, although hypnosis also can help with motivation when the right suggestions are given.

NLP helps change unwanted habits too allowing all the body’s organs to work in synthesis total synergy and harmony for health.  Many find hypnosis trance helps to connect within to the river of knowledge from the well spring within as using positive suggestions opens up the gateway to new solutions that may of been closed to just the conscious mind.

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