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Coaching Testimonials For Birmingham Life Coach 

 Testimonial for Birmingham Life Coach Debbie Williams from Mike Bradley MD of a London based SEO company

Business Coach Debbie has coached many business and career minded people over the years to be more successful, more quickly by helping remove any mental blocks to success.
Watch Mike’s testimony of how Debbie coached him on his career and life.

Grant Murrell NLP trainer endorsement for Birmingham life coach and fellow NLP trainer Debbie Williams
I used havening to help Alf's hands from shaking uncontrollably when he was sent to me after his Cardio Vascular nurse was advised NLP may help him get over his 60 year phobia of needles and hospitals.
Simon Lea from Sutton Coldfield Birmingham talks about how Debbie coached him through some very difficult times

Here is a Testamonial where their spider phobia was gone from one session.

Stress and worry lifted in one hour testimonial for Debbie Williams NLP trainer and hypnotherapist
Fear of driving on motorways gone with two or three sessions
Anorexic helped by Birmingham hypnotherapist and eating disorders expert Debbie Williams 
Listen to Dave talking about the help given after the normal routes had made her worse.
Youtube testimonals: 

18 April   Blushing Birmingham Testimonial  KaraBrown

Blushing makes me feel so bad -

I blush in orchestra when I have to play by myself, and after orchestra, people compare me to their red shirts. It's really annoying and I always get bullied about it, so thank you for the video and links.

13 May - Shaun Sean

How to visualise and install a photographic memory with Birmingham NLP - 

Thank you for this wonderful video.

Debbie has recently been in these publications:

NLP Birmingham Fitness

I recently recommended Debbie through a discussion group and it reminded me how much I valued her individual style and professionalism. The enthusiasm she shows for helping people grow and overcome challenges and I particularly like that she used different methodologies to engage the people she worked with. I learned a lot from Debbie in a short space of time and still use much of it today.

Moss Westwood, mdw Associates.

NLP testimonial  Birmingham Life Coach Debbie Williams, hypnotherapist  Master Prac

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Birmingham hypnotherapist , hypnosis and NLP testimonial Thank you Debbie for helping me throughout the hard times, and for continuing to help me when needed.

You're like a breath of fresh air, and you always seem to motivate me. I've become a better person for knowing you, and I've changed for the better.

Thank you!  Fereshteh Hosseini.

Hi Debbie, 
I just wanted say thanks to you for giving me back my life. Anything I say will not be enough. Because of you I have learnt to be happy again. Thanks
, Soumya.

NLP and hypnotherapy testimonial for master practitioner Debbie Williams Having life coaching sessions with you caused me to reevaluate my life and question why am I working so dam hard.
I've had so many insights and useful ideas coming from our sessions and have finally got the work life balance right
Wendy Tinsley
Fallon interiors
Evesham and Bishops Cleeve

I came to Debbie for life coaching 10 years ago now and quit my job to set up a business.
Its been so successful and business is good.

Alan from AM Painters Sutton Coldfield

Client who was very succesful yet had a habit of telling lies and he couldn't stop himself, it caused no end of problems for him;

I was very sceptical – arms crossed start of the session, by the end, leaning
forward almost hanging on every word – I walked out on air – felt fabulous and felt comfortable telling the truth to my wife. I had a slip up in the second week, which knocked me a bit – but Debbie reassured me that, that happens quite often and as I measure the scale of the problem, in the start of second session it was 50 %, it was 90% in the first session. Dropped to 20% and at the end of session 2 it was 0. I knew what to do and how to do it to condition & train my thinking to be fine with telling the truth, although as Debbie said if ever asked by a lady “does my bum look big in this?” The answer is always NO!
Thank you so much, I still find it hard to believe this problem is solved in just the 2
sessions after having it 39 years!

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Interview Nerves

Birmingham NLP for interview nerves Life Coaching NLP and Hypnosis Recording To Get You That Job

Watch how after 20 years on lying this client now no longer feels the need to lie and improves the way he feels and the way people percive him.

Hear Gavin talk about his changes after he bursts out laughing. 
Cocaine addiction help is 2-3 sessions which can be spread over 2-3 months. Gavin stopped within the first session and this video is on the follow up session which is advised to really lock in the changes permanently  and to plan a brighter future to look forward too.

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Jealousy gone after 25 years of suffering from jealous thoughts and feelings. You can stop jealousy now.

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Debbie is a clinical consultant to Just Be Well practice Harley Street, London. Debbie brings a wealth of skills to accelerate learning and increase confidence in her students and more importantly fun whilst learning.

Debbie's qualifications include Master Practitioner, Practitioner and Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosis, Foundation Diploma in Psychotherapy, Hypnosis & NLP, Diploma in Nutrition, and Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology. She is also trained in counselling and psychological approaches to pain control, understanding depression, solution-focused therapy, life coaching and understanding and stopping addictive behaviour.

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