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Society Of NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapy And More...

NLP Practitioner coaching session with Debbie Williams in Birmingham

Birmingham Life Coach

Self Help At Home

 Have a NLP life coaching session with Debbie at home with her self help hypnotherapy and coaching recordings.

You can listen in the comfort of your own home and for a fraction of the cost of a personal session.

Click on the cover images below of her self hypnosis recordings.

There are over 30 self help hypnosis recordings to choose from on her NLP and hypnosis webshop.

Birmingham NLP and Hypnotherapy

Debbie's qualifications include NLP Master Practitioner, Practitioner and Trainer with the Society of NLP. Debbie has also trained with ANLP trainers.

NLP is short for Neuro Linguistic Programming

Debbie also is a Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosis and has a Foundation Diploma in Psychotherapy, Hypnosis & NLP.

As well as NLP Debbie has a keen interest in nutrition and has gained a Diploma in Nutrition, as well as a Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology.

Birmingham Life Coach Debbie Williams is also trained in counselling and psychological approaches to pain control, understanding depression, solution-focused therapy and understanding and stopping addictive behaviour.

Debbie said: “Since I completed the one-year training programme with Richard Bandler, I have assisted every year on NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer training.

 50 NLP Practitioner and hypnosis certificates 

Amassing more than 50 certificates in NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer Training, as well as studying inbetween those 7-10 day events and working with clients.

Debbie also assisted on all of the Life Coach Anthony Robbins UK UPW  weekend events for 10 years after he came to Birmingham in 1993. As well as doing his Mastery University.

Teaching NLP at Solihull College

Debbie taught solution-focused techniques including NLP and hypnosis and healthy living courses at Solihull College, Birmingham.


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Stop Worrying and Create a Wonderful Life
Stop worrying with NLP in Birmingham trainer of neuro linguistic programming
by Debbie Williams 

More than just NLP, life coaching and hypnosis: read on....

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More than just NLP, life coaching and hypnosis

Debbie Williams has made a name for herself as a hypnotherapist and Neuro-Linguistic Progamming Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer. But did you know that she also has a keen business and entrepreneurial sense and an eye for decorative design work too? Not only that, but Debbie has trod the boards as an amateur stand-up comedian, tickling audiences with her no-holds-barred brand of humour.

Debbie's fun job is to teach belly dancing and she brings a wealth of skills to accelerate learning and increase confidence in her students and more importantly fun whilst learning. Debbie was the first person to bring belly dance Adult Education classes to the area of Birmingham where she works, although she mainly focuses on her own classes now.

She regularly promotes the belly dance courses throughout the press and other promotions and events including co-launching Birmingham's first ever belly dance festival in the city centre at the hippodrome in 2010. Click here for more details.

One of Debbie's earliest business ventures was the Flirtz clothes shop in Birmingham's prestigious North Western Arcade - a shopping mall known for its unique mix of small but high-end retail outlets. Flirtz (pictured left) sold exclusive lines, but there was always a surprise in store for new customers - in the shape of a high-spirited parrot called Sid. Sid's speciality was telephone tones, but he would often stand stock still on his perch before unleashing a barrage of rings and beeps. Often Flirtz customers didn't even notice he was there until they heard him! At Flirtz, Debbie's customers included Uri Geller's daughter. She was also responsible for the putting the shine into the garments of glam rock legends Roy Wood and Wizzard - earning herself the nickname 'The Glitz Queen'.

Another of Debbie's talents was hand-decorating horse-drawn carriages for a specialist Shropshire firm, The Wellington Carriage Co. She would apply the finishing touches to paintwork and upholstery, giving each carriage its own luxurious character. She has worked on Governess Carts, Omnibuses, Landaus and State Coaches, many of which have been hired as a stylish and romantic alternative to limousines by couples looking to add that extra-special touch to their wedding day.

Some of the work was so intricate that it required up to 30 coats of paint, and preparing the surfaces has left Debbie with a quirk of her own - the job was so tough on her hands that she no longer has noticeable fingerprints!

The company - and Debbie's handywork - were even featured on ITV's Central News.For more information about the range of services offered by The Wellington Carriage Co, call 01952 242 495 - and see the images below for some of the sumptuous carriages on offer.

Debbies Garden

One of Debbie's hobbies it spending time in the garden as it reminds her of working with her Dad in the garden as a child she always feels at peace tending the plants and although couldn't claim to have much knowledge of gardening always feels guided as if her father is still watching and helping her.


See more photos of Debbies garden

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