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Treatment For Stopping Binge Eating 

With NLP and Hypnotherapy at home

Free Stop Binge Eating Hypnosis

Watch the stop binge eating video above

It has a short 10 minute stop binge eating trance on it which will help you to stop binge eating.

Many times this issue needs more work

Birmingham hypnotherapist and NLP master practitioner can help.

Binge Eating Treatment at Home 

With Debbie Williams self help hypnosis and NLP recordings.

You can buy one self help hypnosis recording at a time from only £15 and listen to it over and over.

Next month buy another and you will succeed over time. Persistence pays of and hypnosis makes it easier.

The special offer has a whole host of recordings ( over 12) which can give you much more support to stop binge eating for good. 

Stopping Binge Eating 

Stopping binge eating involves having a plan or rather a roadmap to follow of strategies which will train you to think differently about food and unlike a diet which can actually cause you to binge eat 

Diets can cause you to binge eat

Diets can cause binge eating for the following reasons:

You cut back all week and do every thing the diet asked and maybe the first week it worked, you dropped a few pounds but this week you get on the scales and there is very little to show for your efforts.

In your mind a rebellion is starting to happen and your internal thoughts are processing the ideas ''is it worth it? the denial of the foods you love and the deprivation'' before long this thinking pattern gains momentum and drives you to ''treat'' yourself.

Because most diets look on foods as good or bad ( they are starting to change) once you are into partaking a ''bad'' type food the brain thinks get as much as you can before we have to be ''good'' again.

Otherwise known as a binge

Binge eating or BED (Binge Eating Disorder) has become increasingly common with about one in five young women suffering from it according to the National Institute of Mental Health.

Stop suffering binge eating disorder and get some help with hypnosis and NLP. 

Have a read of what is in this special offer right now.

Binge Eating Disorders

Binge eating disorders (BED) expert Debbie Williams has compiled a recording to help you to stop binge eating.

But if binge eating has been a major issue in your life then Birmingham expert Debbie recommends a more extensive programme to support you.

This programme has over 12 self help recordings covering food, overeating, bingeing, emotions and more as well as ones for overcoming stress.

On this programme you will have the confidence and self esteem recordings as part of your package.

Plus there are over 17 videos BED expert has recorded for you.

You can suggest ideas for videos which can help you.

Click the box below to read more about the ''Lean for Life '' programme 

Tips to stop binge eating 

Emotional Binge Eating 

 Binge eating to cover emotions is common.

 Binge eating episodes can increase as the brain realises eating a lot of food in a short space of time feels good.

This is because the brain releases seratonin and other feel good chemicals which can entice the person to indulge in a binge eating episode rather than dealing with the underlying issue.

And thereby a habit is learned and needs to be replaced with a more resourceful one.

Stop Binge Eating

You can start with the one recording which has 5 tracks of NLP and hypnosis to help you.

  Binge eating and emotions

Emotional Intelligence

Learning strategies to gain mastery over your emotions is a must says eating disorders expert, hypnotherapist and NLP life coach Debbie Williams. Unless you gain some skill sets to deal with situations then failure is likely.

When I treat clients with binge eating disorder (BED) at my Birmingham NLP clinic, not only to I teach them emotional strategies but also the mind set of a naturally lean, healthy, happy person.

Ultimate Confidence

Learn to feel more confident and enjoy your life more when you feel emotionally strong.

   Don't let a binge ruin your day

Leave the binge behind you

Training to leave binge eating behind Basically we focus on lean peoples eating patterns as the main focus but deal with the underlying causes of binge eating.

We don't need to dwell in the distant past for reasons as many times they are not the real cause.

Sometimes its simply availability and bad habits many times ingrained by many years of dieting.

Binge eaters have learned to overeat for all sorts of reasons, boredom, loneliness, emotional upset, sadness and even happiness or causes for celebration can trigger a binge.

The statistics of the diet industry is 10% success rate. Paul McKenna whom Debbie has worked with for many years has had a measured success rate of 70% by using NLP and hypnotherapy techniques.

Overcoming Anxiety 

If you suffer from anxiety this self help hypnosis and NLP recording will help.


Stop binge eating recording explained


Binge eating self help at home

Birmingham eating disorders expert Debbie has recorded many self help hypnosis and NLP products which you can listen to in the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the cost of a hypnotherapy session.

As binge eating can be different for everyone Debbie has recorded lots of NLP and hypnotherapy programmes.

Each recording is like having a one to one with Debbie Williams at the Birmingham NLP and Hypnosis Practise Group.

To buy any of Birmingham Life Coach and Binge Eating Disorders Expert Debbie's acclaimed recordings or to just find out some more information click on any image. Each self hypnosis recording is like having a complete NLP and hypnotherapy session with Debbie in Birmingham for the fraction of the cost.

If you have any issues with weight or food click here to download Debbie's free report ''The 7 mistakes Binge eaters make keeping them trapped forever'' filled with tips on how to reprogramme your mind to be Lean, Fit and Healthy'

Shocking Free Report: ''THE 7 MISTAKES BINGE EATERS MAKE"  read more ....
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