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Anorexia Treatment Birmingham

 Help for Parents of an Anorexic 

Anorexics Ruled by  Obsessive 

Rules / Negative Thoughts

If you want to have some help to overcome anorexia nervosa then please contact us.

We insist that you must consult with your Dr on this issue as anorexia is not easy to treat. 

Birmingham based eating disorders expert Debbie Williams has helped many anorexics.

Working with them to overcome their faulty thoughts about food and body size. 

The voices inside an anorexics mind and the rules they have to adhere to, along with being under-nourished means sometimes hospitalisation is necessary.

This often results in them developing bulimia as they may of been made to eat and now can't stop.

That has always been a fear for the anorexic.

They think about food all the time.

They now use bulimia, excessive exercise and possibly laxatives to purge food out of the body.

What is Anorexia?

Anorexia nervosa, or anorexia as it is usually referred to, is a common eating disorder that, in extreme circumstances, can lead to death.

Anorexia's self image

Anorexia manifests itself in patterns of behaviour created by the sufferer specifically to meet their own expectations of their self-image. The anorexics self image is often very distorted as they still think they are fat when they are not.

Anorexia, the voice

They may be being controlled by their internal though processes to believe they are grossly, horrendously overweight and driven by an internal voice often called 'Ana' or ED, short for eating disorder. These negative though patterns are self-perpetuating, and need to be broken in order to overcome anorexia nervosa.

Anorexia diagnosis 

In order to diagnose anorexia, these three things below must be happening:

  • The sufferer must be significantly underweight
  • This must be the result of their own efforts. (It may well of started out as a diet to lose a little weight but carried on to extreme weight loss)
  • The sufferer must be extremely concerned about their weight and / or shape, but rather than worrying about being underweight, they will usually be terrified of gaining weight and becoming fat.
Although anorexia is most common in teenage girls and young women, increasingly males are suffering from anorexia nervosa.

Anyone suffering with anorexia nervosa will typically avoid foods they believe to be fattening, whether or not this belief is accurate.

Anorexic and binge eating

They may alternate between fasting and binging – although an anorexic binge is often subjective entirely to the sufferer. For example, they may eat two or three biscuits and consider themselves to have overeaten, they then punish themselves with starvation, excessive exercise or even laxative abuse.

Extreme behavior of anorexics

These extremes of anorexic behaviour are normally preceded by a period of distress or particularly low self-esteem.

They are usually followed by feelings of shame and guilt, leading to still lower self-esteem, and thus the circle of self-destructive behaviour of anorexia nervosa continues.

Visit the facebook page Anorexia Help for even more help and to read testimonials from clients who have overcome anorexia nervosa.


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NLP for Anorexia

Going over the past in an attempt to understand how the anorexia nervosa began, or searching for deep hidden meanings seems to us to be a very long-winded, and often fruitless approach believes Debbie Williams a Birmingham based eating disorders expert.

NLP and hypnosis

By contrast, Birmingham eating disorders expert who is also an NLP master practitioner and hypnotherapist. Her approach to helping an anorexic is almost directly opposite to many counsellors and psychotherapists in that she works directly with the anorexia negative thought patterns, literally teaching you how to think differently, to help  build flexibility and choice into the anorexics thoughts, feelings and behaviours in the present, because, basically, this is what the anorexia sufferer needs to break the hold of the anorexia thoughts.

Hypnotherapy is also used to associate resources from times in the anorexics life when they have felt confident, relaxed and resourceful (even if they haven't felt these things for a while), to those times when you would have engaged in anorexia behaviour

Help for Anorexics 

We find that on average we can help people with up to ten hours of NLP and hypnotherapy, and on many occasions we have seen people who have suffered for years with anorexia nervosa and got them to stop anorexia in just one or two sessions. It is our job to help you to change the cycles of anorexic behaviour, help you to feel better about yourself as you are, help you to move away from your eating disorder and consequently help you to move, once again, to a healthier and happier way of living to become lean healthy and happy again.

Resources for Anorexia

I have some online resources which can help you;

Anorexia Birmingham

If you would like some help to overcome anorexia nervosa and you can travel to Birmingham, then click here for more information.

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